Michaux Forest Association

An Association of Cabin Owners in the Michaux State Forest, PA

History of Michaux Forest Association

Since August of 2021, a task force comprised of DCNR representatives and cabin owners, including four members of the MFA, have been meeting to discuss the upcoming changes in the Leased Campsite Regulations. On August 26 three members of that task force, Ryan Caboot, Barbara Horneff and myself met with the Deputy Director of DCNR and his staff in Harrisburg to demonstrate how different and unique the Michaux District is when compared to other districts across the Commonwealth.

Many of you also attended the public meeting hosted by DCNR in June where we all had a chance to ask questions and list concerns that we have as cabin owners. Our goal is to engage with DCNR and have meaningful input into the development of these new guidelines to ensure they are fair and reasonable. We will keep you updated on this site and on our Facebook page as this process unfolds.

Plan now to attend the Friends of Pine Grove Fall Festival on October 15th and 16th in the Park. Look for the MFA stand where we will be selling crafts and T-shirts and giving away free wildflower seed packets to members. See you there!

Lyle Herr
President, MIchaux Forest Association

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Michaux Leased Campsite Task Force Openhouse Meetings Summary

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